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Employment Support Program "We Do Not Postpone Your Chances"!

The project aims to provide professional consultancy support regarding further professional development and employment.

Have you lost your job?

Do you feel insecure in current job position?

Are you ready for new challenges?


Talent Acquisition Team of ManpowerGroup company do not postpone your chances!


Talent Acquistion team is an organizational unit of ManpowerGroup company which deals with employment in three segments: professional, executive and IT talent acquisition. We cover the recruitment of candidates who have multiyear experience and professional expertise in corporate environment, recruitment of managerial and executive level, recruitment of programmers and other IT professionals. We connect experienced candidates with successful companies. We connect the best!


Due to the current situation, Talent Acquisition Team cordially invites you to participate in the program of consultancy support for all professionals who have lost their jobs,  professionals whose job stability is threatened  in current situation, but also for  employees who are open for new business challenges.


The project aims to provide professional consultancy support regarding further professional development and employment. The program is based on a personalized approach which includes a detailed analysis of the candidate's business experience, as well as on market needs for specific profiles. As a result,  candidates will be provided with recommendations for further development. Our expert team of consultants will point out the following:


  • What are your potentials for further business development, based on your previous experience;

  • Which companies are most in need of candidates of your profile;

  • Market trends that can help you make better decisions regarding your employment; (for which profiles the demand is higher, for which profiles the demand is currently reduced, as well as for which profile will occur subsequent demand).


It will be our pleasure to make your profile ready for presentation to clients as soon as we have first opportunity for your profile.


All submitted CVs will be added to our candidates database, while the selection for online interview with the consultant will be made on the basis of internal capacity.


We are looking forward to your application and the opportunity to meet with you or to renew our cooperation. Applications for the interview with our consultants may be sent via the link below: https://manpowergroup.rs/job/4177


Predavanje na Ekonomskom fakultetu u Beogradu „Kriterijumi za ulazne pozicije“

U četvrtak 19. novembra 2020. godine kompanija ManpowerGroup je, u saradnji sa Ekonomskim fakultetom u Beogradu, održala vebinar na temu „Kriterijumi za ulazne pozicije“


Zatvorene prijave za osobe starosti iznad 50 godina za projekat „Poslovna inkluzija“

Izuzetno nam je drago da vas obavestimo da smo, zahvaljujući velikom interesovanju, popunili kapacitete za prijave osoba starosti iznad 50 godina u okviru projekta “Poslovna inkluzija”.


Kompanija ManpowerGroup učesnik regionalnog FMCG Brand Foruma

U četvrtak, 29. oktobra, u hotelu Hyatt, naša koleginica Ana Ivanišević, SME Sales Team Lead je ispred ManpowerGroup kompanije, učestvovala  na regionalnoj konferenciji FMCG Brand Forum na temu “Inovativna rešenja u oblasti ljudskih resursa”.