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As of December 15, 2022, Manpower Hungary became the new, sixth, member of the Manpower SEE group. The regional Manpower cluster is richer for another experienced team of about 55 employees and large market potentials.

The aforementioned acquisition is closer to fulfilling the company's vision to position itself as the largest HR company in the regions of southern, eastern and central Europe, for which Hungary is another market that completes this strategic plan.


The goal of the new acquisition is to further localize and personalize support for clients and partners through the creation of a unique portfolio of services in the entire region of Southeast Europe. One provider and uniform standards are the principles that guide most multinational companies to optimize costs and ensure monitoring of service quality. Following this trend, the Manpower company, with this acquisition in Southeast Europe, once again proves that it puts the needs of its partners and clients first.


The need of Manpower's partners and clients is reflected in the fact that they have a unique service provider that is present in the regional market, as well as that with its personalized and agile approach can respond to all possible requirements in the field of human resources. In response to market needs, an integral support approach has been created that includes the recruitment process, selection, research, assessment and staff development.


We would like to thank all partners for their support and consultation regarding the acquisition.


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