Knowledge Corner

As leaders in creating innovative solutions and services, we want to be a reliable partner and support you in managing business processes through sharing knowledge, good business practices and the ways in which certain companies have solved problems in their business.

Considering the speed with which changes are happening, timely information and experience are becoming the most important resource in the business world. Wanting to support her partners in following trends, greater business predictability, positive transformation and quality decision making, Manpower has created a section "Knowledge Corner" which aims to share knowledge and experience of successful managers, but also the prospects of young talents. Together with the team, Manpower shares its expertise, research results and experience within these sections. Since knowledge is one of the key values ​​of our company, this is one of the projects through which we nurture that value.


Sharing knowledge, practices and new perspectives on topics in the field of HR and other current business topics, Manpower confirms through this project that it is a relevant HR and business partner that establishes the business community of the Republic of Serbia with its specific actions.


Since knowledge increases through sharing, we are open to suggestions and quality content from all those who believe that together with us, through their expertise and expertise, they can and want to contribute to the improvement of the business environment. If you have suggestions for adequate topics, feel free to contact hello@manpowergroup.rs.