.NET Developer

ID: 4079
City: Sarajevo
Employment Type: Permanent
Brief Description

Function Note

In this position you work as a software engineer in one of the autonomous Agile product teams. In addition to realizing new functionalities and solving technical problems, you will also be working on further splitting the monolithic application to micro services in Azure. The next step is to migrate the .Net Framework to .Net Core with the use of Containers (Docker). You work closely with the DevSecOps team to improve the Infrastructure as Code principles at the organizational level and to further roll them out in your scrum team.

In parallel, the team is working on various issues such as incidents/bugs, new functionalities, projects and the elimination of technical debt. The quality and the level of work is high, so you are challenged to the maximum. You are not only active with your own development, but also with the further development of the company and coaching colleagues. Consider, for example, defining architecture best practices or improving the processes.

Requirement Note

  • Experience with C#, MS-SQL, .Net Core and Microservices;
  • Experience with Design Principles, including Domain Driven Design, SOLID;
  • Experience with translating functionalities into technical solutions;
  • Experience with Agile works such as Scrum, Kanban and Continuous Delivery;
  • Desirable BA/MA Computer Science diploma;
  • Proactive attitude to improve all kinds of things (process, methodologies, techniques, collaboration).